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Research Progress in Polyimide Fiber and Its Paper-based Functional Materials
  JIA Fengfeng,YAN Ning,LI Jiaoyang,MA Qin,GENG Bo,ZHANG Yuting,LU Zhaoqing
  2022(3):126-134 [Abstract(439)]  [View PDF 3.54 M (512)]
Research Progress in Interactions Between Lignin and Cellulase and Its Inhibition on Cellulose Enzymatic Hydrolysis
  LI Dalin,HUANG Liulian,CHEN Lihui,LUO Xiaolin,LIU Jing
  2022(3):135-143 [Abstract(398)]  [View PDF 1.06 M (362)]
Progress in Preparation and Applications of Carboxymethyl Cellulose
  CHEN Zijian,TANG Yanjun,ZHU Peng,CHEN Tianying,ZHOU Yiming
  2022(3):144-154 [Abstract(381)]  [View PDF 4.23 M (506)]


Preparation of a Novel Cellulose-based Adsorbent and Its Immobilization Performance Towards Laccase
  LYU Jingsi,LU Peng,XIAO Xingxiao,PENG Chuanbo,LI Na,PING Qingwei
  2022(3):1-9 [Abstract(356)]  [View PDF 2.13 M (372)]
Study on Preparation, Antioxidant Property, and Stability of Metal-Polyphenol Network/Cellulose Microfibrils Composite
  JIAO Ting,ZHANG Hongjie,ZHANG Xue,ZHANG Haiyan,CHENG Yun,ZHANG Wenhui
  2022(3):10-19 [Abstract(346)]  [View PDF 5.64 M (352)]
Preparation and Application of Nano-brush Composite by Propylene-modified Cellulose Nanofibril
  LIU Lian,WU Yajun,ZHANG Weifeng,LUO Langman,GENG Shao,WEN Yangbing
  2022(3):20-27 [Abstract(332)]  [View PDF 3.79 M (343)]
Synthesis of Lignin-based Flocculants with Wide pH Adaptability and Its Treatment on Wastewater Containing Emulsified Oil
  ZHANG Tao,GUI Xiaohui,CHEN Tengfei,ZHOU Jingpeng,LI Haiming,WANG Xing,GUO Yanzhu,ZHANG Fengshan
  2022(3):28-36 [Abstract(335)]  [View PDF 1.89 M (328)]
Solid-Solid Oxidative Depolymerization of Corncob Enzymatic Lignin by Synergism of Perovskite and Persulfate under Visible Light
  XU Zhuangqin,LIU Minghua,LIN Jiantao
  2022(3):37-44 [Abstract(347)]  [View PDF 3.89 M (406)]
Preparation of Cationic Surfactant Derived from Alkali Lignin by Microwave Digestion Pretreatment
  TANG Xiaohui,PING Qingwei,SHENG Xueru
  2022(3):45-52 [Abstract(319)]  [View PDF 2.44 M (409)]
Preparation of OPA-UiO-66/Cotton Pulp Fiber Composite and Its Oil-Water Separation Performance
  ZHOU Lei
  2022(3):53-61 [Abstract(337)]  [View PDF 4.66 M (388)]
Study on the Preparation of Flame Retardant Paper with Starch-based Flame Retardant Containing Phosphorus and Nitrogen
  CHEN Qijie,LIU Zhuo,RONG Zhi,XIE Guangyang,YOU Na,WEI Yaqin
  2022(3):62-68 [Abstract(320)]  [View PDF 1.98 M (532)]
Preparation of PEI-modified Paper-based Material and Its Removal Performance on Major Pollutants in Water
  MENG Liucheng,ZHANG Yuanyuan,JIANG Shan,DAI Hongqi,WU Weibing
  2022(3):69-77 [Abstract(325)]  [View PDF 3.18 M (416)]
Study on Performance Difference of Handmade Bamboo Paper Between Traditional Uncooked Process and Cooking Process
  YI Xiaohui,LI Ying,LEI Xinyao
  2022(3):78-85 [Abstract(325)]  [View PDF 3.00 M (293)]
Study on the Application of Environmental Friendly PLA/CNF in Paper Barrier Coating
  JING Xing,HUANG Haiyang,LUO Huaying,ZHANG Min,DONG Yunyuan,CHEN Xiaobin,CHEN Xinzhi
  2022(3):86-93 [Abstract(310)]  [View PDF 3.97 M (269)]
Study on Improving Water and Oil Resistance of Molded Pulp Packaging Materials with Organic Fluorine-free Silicone Emulsion
  ZHANG Haiyan,ZHANG Hongjie,CHENG Yun,JIAO Ting,ZHANG Xue,ZHANG Wenhui
  2022(3):94-101 [Abstract(323)]  [View PDF 4.98 M (362)]
Effect of BTCA Modification on Dielectric Properties of Cellulose Insulating Paper
  ZOU Tiantian,SUN Chuancong,ZHEN Zhen,LIU Wei,WU Cuiyang
  2022(3):102-108 [Abstract(325)]  [View PDF 3.37 M (334)]
Study on Advanced Treatment of Papermaking Wastewater by Nano-TiO2 Photocatalysis-Magnetic Flocculation Recovery
  LIN Yinghang,CHEN Xiaoquan
  2022(3):109-117 [Abstract(328)]  [View PDF 5.02 M (302)]
Design of Remote Monitoring System for Ambient Temperature/Humidity Based on STM32 MCU
  LIU Xiaobin,LIU Yin,SHEN Wenhao
  2022(3):118-125 [Abstract(347)]  [View PDF 5.07 M (449)]